Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Muhammad Husni Ashraf bin Hashin

       From the 12th to the 14th of July, as many as 44 students and teachers participated in the Benchmarking Visit to Hillgrove Secondary School in Singapore.

        On the first day, we went to Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar , also known as English College in Johor Bahru. The reason for this is that we wanted to look at the galleries available.
The School Emblem, with the motto "Usaha Dan Jasa"
Tun Hussein Onn Mini Museum contains a lot of things since the foundation of the school.
Some of the successful alumni of the school
Gifts recieved from Japanese students during their visit here
Coins from the Colonial Era
        After visiting the Tun Hussein Onn Museum, we then went to the school's Art Studio, which stores the students' creative artwork.

The Art Studio
Batik made by the students.
     English College also has Science Museum, housing old scientific equipment from England. Moreover, the Science Museum has a gallery of preserved insects caught by the students.
25 Species of Insects, by the Form Six students as a project.
            After having a late brunch, it was time to leave the school and head to the border. It was a fun experience for most of the students as it was their first time visiting another country. After going through a strict immigration, we were greeted by Mr. Yusuf, our tour guide.
The Singapore Flyer
The Civilian War Memorial, at Beach Road, built  in memory of the civilians killed during the Japanese occupation of Singapore.
Marina Bay Sands, an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore.
               After changing our clothes in the hostel we were staying, we went to Mustafa Centre.
Mustafa Centre sells more than 150,000 types of items.

    Day 2: We went to Hillgrove Secondary School, as a return visit because they went to SBPI Selandar last year.
Green is their colour!!!
Being greeted by the Student Council members.
Hillgrove's Library, called "The Rainforest"
                After having a brief session with the teachers and student council members, we were then split into groups according to the class we were going to enter. We followed the student council members who took us to a tour of school. The school is full of amenities such as a gym, two computer labs, a place to express their creative side called Artscape, and fully equipped classes. The class I was appointed to enter was 4E4.
When my group entered the class, they were having a discussion on the novel "Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry".
A very interesting discussion.
                 After that, there was English class with Miss Lim. It was show and tell time and the teacher will call out anyone to present anything in proper English.
Miss Lim calls out students by random to present anything they wanted to.

Class ended with me giving a souvenir to the teacher. We left Hillgrove Secondary and headed to Singapore Science Centre.
The Science Centre, featuring the Sultan Of Science.
A robotic dinosaur greeted us at the entrance.
We learned a lot at the Science Centre. It was a very educating visit. Did you know that a lot of advancements in science was discovered and pioneered by Islamic scientist?
Using an astrolabe to measure the quadrant in the skies.
Another invention related to the stars.
Admiral Zheng He, a well known Muslim navigator.
The extinct Dodo makes an appearance. 
After hours of being enlightened, we then went to Chinatown and Orchard Road. It was time for buying souvenirs for the friends back in Malaysia.
The view from the MRT Transit in Chinatown.

Souvenirs galore!!!
The second day ended with a dinner at VisFiesta Restaurant.

Day 3 : It was our final day in Singapore, and we ended it with a bang by going to Universal Studios Singapore in Sentosa Island . We had 7 hours of fun there.
It was raining at first, but ended as soon as with entered USS

This is a replica of New York Public Library.

Bumblebee from the Transformers movies.
Battlestar Gallactica has two roller coasters, each based on the Humans and Cylons .
Me in front of the Universal globe.

Muhammad Amran b Muhammad Alias